The Last Chapter



And we’re closing in to the end of the year, guys. So much has happened in the course of a year and as usual it’s mind-boggling, awe-inspiring, eventful and memorable.

But count the loss of loved ones passing…it’s been a heart-wrenching journey. It was two losses that I suffered. And in account to  both losses, their passing occurred during momentous, celebratory events.

My cousin’s wedding, which also happened to fall during the month of Syawal, saw to the passing of Uncle Sam or Atuk – and it struck us so hard. My family and I were away in Terengganu for Kak Farah’s solemnization and it would’ve been during the reception where we thought we’d be seeing him again.

It took all that I had to not weep as much or as hard as I wanted to when we received news of his passing during the rehearsal at the reception hall. My…

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