Thanksgiving Clapback




Well at least, my version of it. No direct backbiting, but more of a personal outlook as to what has us so fixated on these days.

Every now and then, I like to give myself a reality check and I’m so glad I have my own outlet to do it. And that’s family. Or my many YouTube channels that I follow which does not accentuate the superficiality our world zeros in but rather, the opposite. Of whats truly larger than life. In lieu of finding it very therapeutic, it is also self-grounding and much needed.

Self-approach is better than zilch. And the imperatives to my self-learning are my Bayyinah Institute, Quran Weekly, Merciful Servant Youtube channels, whereas the cooking, fashion, entertainment and psychology channels nodes more as quintessential. Now don’t get me wrong, I subscribe to plentyyy of vloggers. Albeit the context maybe be of a makeup tutorial or Instagram how-to-edit…

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