Baby, it’s Cold Outside



Nothing harder than the transgression of grief on your heart.

Growing up, my parents taught me to work hard and strive for your dreams. Be all that you can be while never neglecting your duties as a Muslim and be kind. Your family will always be your #1 supporter.

But growing older, I’ve learned a new belonging. My relationship with my Creator. Through the course of learning, hardships, easiness and contentment, was how I grew to become closer to Him. I grew to see the world in a different perspective. To see the world as it is. Temporary.

Most challenging is to learn and find His mercy as well as gratefulness in His trials.

This year has made me seen grief more times than ever. Breached milestones and encountered more passing of loved ones. It’s made me acknowledge grief more immensely than I’ve expected it to hit me. To be…

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